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We provide marketing guidance with insights that derive from
data and experiences our professionals have accumulated over the years.

David. Min

CEO / Co-Founder

Ji. Kim

CTO / Co-Founder


CSO / Data Scientist

Ian. Lee

Algorithm Developer

Edward. Son

Web Engineer

Dalrae. Jin

UI/UX Designer

Daniel. Seo

Web Engineer


Mobile Growth Consultant


Mobile Growth Consultant


Mobile Growth / Assistant

Located in Tokyo and Seoul, we capture the most recent market trend in our region. 
Our place is designed for conversation and opinion sharing, leading to creativity and acute insight.  

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  • Trade Name: aix Inc.
  • Established: May 2021
  • Location: Tokyo Office: 27-14 Motoyoyogichō Shibuya City, Tokyo 151-0062, Japan
  • Services: AI-powered system planning, development, operation, consulting service
  • Web: https://www.aixinc.io/en
  • Trade Name: Coresight Inc.
  • Established: July 2015
  • Location: 6, Hoam-ro 24-gil, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, South Korea
  • Services: Big data based game analysis, collecting every log related to the gameplay and analyzing player patterns to provide effective strategies 
  • Web: http://www.coresight.io/


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