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aix Inc. and its R&D team has felt the need of developing an ASO tool that makes ASO more understandable, allows more profound keyword optimization in Asian languages, and provides access from various mobile devices. Our effort in past couple of years led us to proudly present ASO index now, and this article introduces our developers’ remarks on their design intention. Before beginning, please hear their utmost goal with providing ASO index: Support and help app developers and marketers to grow their apps to its full potential.

One of our goals when designing and developing the tool was to make it easy to use and support our users to comprehend the flow of ASO quickly. To acheive the goal, we focused on making the tool to be understandable intuitively by utilizing keyword clouds, shapes, and suggesting next ASO steps. Yet the tool is not just for the beginners; it rather delivers essential information to be grasped at a glance, so we believe it will become a useful tool for the ASO professionals.

Keyword Clouds Visualize Reviews

Reviews are significant to app growth, but as it gets piled up one after another, it becomes hard to follow all of them and to react propmtply and approriately to what users are referring to. We tried to provide an easy start to listening to the users’ reviews by extracting frequently used keywords and expressing them in keyword clouds. We also separated keywords taken from positive reviews from negative ones and adjusted the size of the keywords in the cloud to differ depending on their frequency. 

Utilzing Shapes to Comprehend ASO Status

As the developers of ASO index, we have focused on creating a user-friendly experience that simplifies the complex world of ASO. One of the key features of ASO index is its innovative use of shapes, particularly circles, to enhance comprehension. By utilizing shapes, we have made ASO more visually appealing and easier to digest. With a quick glance at the ASO index, users can effortlessly check the status of their own ASO as well as competitors and gain valuable insights. The intuitive representation of data through shapes allows users to quickly identify strengths, weaknesses, and trends, empowering them to make informed decisions for optimizing their app’s visibility and success.

Hints for Next Steps

Another objective we wantd to achieve was to create a seamless experience that guides users through the ASO journey. With ASO index, we believe that understanding which steps to take for ASO success has become easier than ever. By analyzing the ASO status of an app, our tool provides clear recommendations on the specific actions the user should undertake. Whether it’s optimizing the current keywords, improving its description, update screenshots more often, or taking care of reviews and ratings, ASO index will guide our users step-by-step, ensuring that everything is on the right path towards optimizing your app’s visibility and performance. We have simplified the complex ASO process into manageable stages, enabling users to navigate effortlessly through each optimization step. ASO index is users’ trusted companion, making ASO accessible, understandable, and achievable for everyone.

Lowering Langauge Barrier - Accurate Keyword Analysis for Japanese and Korean

ASO index’s development team is consituted of many Korean and Japanese native engineers, and with their help, we managed to develop our own morepheme analysis logic which enabled ASO index to accurately break down text chunks in the Korean and Japanese language. By this, we hope to support our users to easily maintain meaningful keywords from their exisiting metadata or that of competitors in the Korean and Japanese market. By accurately identifying and extracting relevant keywords from Korean and Japanese text, ASO index enables app developers and marketers to optimize their app listings effectively, improving discoverability and maximizing organic traffic. With its robust keyword analysis capabilities, we believe ASO index can equip our users with valuable insights to refine their ASO strategies and achieve optimal app store rankings.

Seamless Responsive Across Form Factors

While developing ASO index, our main focus was to ensure seamless responsiveness across various form factors. As ASO is an important process in app growth and an app is mostly used on mobile devices, we thought it would make sense the tool should be used easily on mobile form factors as well as on desktop. Understanding the significance of catering to different devices and screen sizes, we dedicated our efforts to create a tool that delivers a consistent and user-friendly experience regardless of the device being used. ASO index’s responsive design and adaptable layout allow users to access its features and functionalities effortlessly, whether they are on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. By focusing on responsive design principles, ASO index ensures that users can access and utilize the tool’s capabilities seamlessly, providing a smooth and intuitive experience across all form factors.  Whether it is optimizing app store listings on a large desktop screen or conducting keyword research on a mobile device, ASO index adapts effortlessly, enabling our users to efficiently perform ASO tasks without any hindrances.


In conclusion, as developers of ASO index, we take pride in presenting a tool that revolutionizes the world of ASO. Our primary goal was to create an easy-to-use tool that enhances the comprehension of ASO strategies. By utilizing our proprietary morpheme analysis logic, ASO index delivers more accurate and comprehensive keyword analysis, specifically applicable for Korean and Japanese text. This unique feature enables our users–whether developers or marketers–to optimize their app listings with precision. Moreover, ASO index boasts a seamless responsive design, ensuring a consistent and intuitive experience across mobile devices. Our commitment to providing a tool that combines simplicity, accuracy, and responsiveness makes ASO index an indispensable asset for anyone aiming to excel in the competitive app market. Embrace ASO index and unlock the full potential of your app’s visibility and success.

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