WWDC 2023 and Apple’s New Vision


Apple hosted this year’s WWDC on June 5th, 2023, and as usual, the event’s opening started with a keynote video, introducing new Apple products and upcoming updates for their software. More sessions are to come from the 6th to the 9th, but this article only seeks to summarize what was spoken at the event and to ponder upon what changes might occur in the near future due to the changes Apple is about to make. Long story short, it seems Apple’s next big step is in spatial computing. 

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Vision Pro: Apple's New Vision

Among various keynotes Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) shared on WWDC 2023, the most notable announcement was Apple’s new product, Vision Pro. It is a wearable AR/VR device where users can see the “digital content [in the users’] physical space” (Apple’s Official Vision Pro Website). Upon announcing this new product, Tim proudly addressed that Apple has made an impact on the field of computing whenever it released new hardware and thus excited to see what this will bring to the customers. Tim also noted that Vision Pro will open up a new possibility in computing as in the following devices have done in the past:

  • Mac: Personal Computing
  • iPhone: Mobile Computing
  • Vision Pro: Spatial Computing

To achieve spatial computing, Vision Pro does not require the customer to have an extra input controller; only his/her finger movements and eyes will be enough to give commands to the device. Another major difference between Vision Pro and the existing VR devices is that Vision Pro allows the user to see what is going on in the actual space while seeing the digital content. Moreover, other people can also see the Vision Pro user’s eyes, so they would feel less detached from the user. Such differences and the fact that it is Apple that developed the device make many customers think that this might be the game changer and the big leap in the AR/VR market, but there are still obstacles to overcome.

The price can be too expensive for most of the customers (Vision Pro’s price will start from $3,499) and it is announced the battery would last only for 2 hours. For Vision Pro to be the real game changer and Apple’s new vision, Spatial Computing, to become the norm, it seems the device can be provided at a more consumable price and be used in a more mobile manner.   

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Sharing with Gestures

The second point to be addressed is the update in AirDrop and SharePlay becoming easier. Apple announced that the enhancement in sharing with the update iOS 17 will be as followings:

  • Name Drop
  • AirDrop via Internet
  • SharePlay Made Easier

Name Drop: Share the Contact Info

AirDrop up to iOS 16 allowed Apple device users to share photos, videos, notes, etc., but not contact information. Yet with the iOS 17 update, iPhone users can now “drop” their own phone number or email address to the receiver without having to manually press the numbers or type alphabets on the screen. 

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AirDrop via Internet

AirDrop sharing was only available via Bluetooth connection, thus the devices in the midst of Air-dropping should be in the range of the Bluetooth. Yet the drop will be able to continue even when the devices are out of the range as long as it is connected to the Internet. This will allow more convenience for users who often have to share large files like videos or massive amounts of photos. 

SharePlay Made Easier

SharePlay function has allowed users to share the music, video, or game that they are playing with other users to experience the same content simultaneously. iOS 17 update now make the sharing happens more instantaneously–just by putting the devices closer as if doing AirDrop. It reduces the hassle of pressing some buttons on the screen to start searching for devices nearby, giving permission to share, etc. Easier SharePlay will be automatically applied to the apps that support the function with the iOS 17 update.

It may look like it is taking a too large a leap to make connection between update in AirDrop and SharePlay to spatial computing, yet it looks apparent that Apple tries to lead its users to do more things just by making a gesture where devices are to become a mere means for users to communicate and get interacted with their gestures, finger movements, and other body acts as if the phones–or other mobile device–are parts of their bodies. Such notion is quite obvious with Vision Pro, so it seems reasonable enough to assume that AirDrop update is a part of spatial computing. 

Gestures Make Visual Effect: Mac OS Video Conference Update

There was a small hint of spatical computing in the update of Mac OS. Mac’s Video Conference now ables users to make visual effect as their reactions (e.g. flying ballons, hearts, or firework), and such impressions can be triggered by gestures. One example that was introduced in the Keynote Speech was “two thumbs up” triggering fireworks. 

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There are many other interesting updates, for both hardware and software, that were introduced in WWDC 2023, but this article focused on elements that are centered around Apple’s new direction: spatial computing. Throughout this week, aix will bring more notes and insights around more ASO-related updates and what app developers and marketers need to be prepared with. The surge of generative AI, initiated by Open AI has alreadly stirred up the IT market in the half of 2023, yet with Apple, suggesting a new vision, there may be a greater surge before the year is over. Yet, biggers chance bloom in crazier waves of changes and movements. Stay tuned with us and hope you get to take something useful to you.

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