Keyword Insights: Japan App Store Discover Suggestions This Month [October 2023]

Keyword Insights: Japan App Store Discover Suggestions This Month [October 2023]


The Japanese language indeed is one of the most difficult languages to dig deeper into. So if you want to know relevant Japanese keywords in the app store, you came to the right place. In this article, we will delve into the keywords that appeared in the Discover section on the Search page of the Apple App Store. We will also share some insights about the keywords in relation to Japanese culture. 

The Discover section can be found on the Search menu of the App Store. These keywords are the initial keywords users see when they go to the Search page! It’s worth paying attention to help you with ASO in Japan.

Discover on App Store

So with that in mind, let’s check out the top keywords that made waves on the Discover panel during the month of October this 2023.


Keywords in “Discover” This Month

What keywords are in the Discover suggestions of the App Store in Japan this month?

Keyword Cloud of October Keywords in Discover 

Keyword Analysis and Findings

Most Repeated Keywords


The keyword ゲーム, read as “gēmu,” translates as “game” in English. This keyword has been repeated 6 times on the Discover panel in October. This indicates that gaming is a prevalent and popular activity among Japanese App Store users. We also found out a list of keywords related to “game” in the October list. Here are a few: 

Among these keywords, ポケモン (Pokémon) and ディズニー (Disney) keywords were repeated 3 times, and RPG was repeated twice this October. This could mean that ポケモン (Pokémon) and ディズニー (Disney) is continuing to gain popularity among Japanese users, and RPG is one of the game genre that they are most interested in.


The keyword 勉強 (benkyō), which means study was repeated 6 times in October. The recurrence of this keyword indicates significant interest or demand in academic, educational, or learning-related content. This consistent trend prompts the question: what specific subjects or areas are Japanese individuals particularly interested in studying? 

In our October keyword list, we found out that the keyword 勉強 (benkyō) appeared together with the keyword 韓国語 (kankokugo), which means Korean language, twice this October. This indicates the huge interest of Japanese people learning the Korean language nowadays. Interesting, right?


Surprisingly, the keyword 時計 (tokei), meaning clock, had appeared on Discover 5 times in October! But actually, it’s not so surprising knowing how Japanese people are known to value punctuality a lot. Japanese people might be looking for apps related to time management that could help their productivity and punctuality.


Sadly, there is another thing that Japan is known for that also showed up multiple times on the Discover last month. And that is, “stress.” 53.3% of employees in Japan say that they are severely insecure and stressed in their working environment in Japan. The keyword ストレス however was often combined with the keyword 発散 (hassan), which combined means “relieve stress,” which shows the need of Japanese people for apps that relieves stress.


And there is your peek at the relevant keywords used in the Japan App Store for the month of October. We hope this article gives you a lot of insight on understanding what Japanese app users are searching for in the app store.

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