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Japan and Korea, neighboring countries with a perceived likeness, are often recognized for their shared traits. Despite their geographical proximity and cultural overlaps, both nations maintain distinct characteristics and preferences. Therefore, calls for a different marketing approach, especially in their creative preferences. In this article, we picked the globally popular entertainment app, TikTok on Apple App Store. As of writing, TikTok is ranked 5th in both Japan and Korea in the App Store. We will see how TikTok markets itself differently in Japan and in Korea in terms of their creatives.

One significant contrast seen in app store screenshots between Korea and Japan is the character count. Korean and Japanese being distinct languages might explain the difference in letter count. However, the noticeable gap between letter counts and the space available in screenshots remains noteworthy.

tiktok japan vs korea

The screenshots above are the first screenshots you can see on TikTok Japan and TikTok Korea. Looking at it at a glance, it’s easy to notice how Japan uses more text (21 characters) to appeal on their first screenshot, while Korea stays minimalist with 8 characters and allows lots of whitespace in the screenshot.

Visual Contents

tiktok japan vs korea

In comparing the visual contents of Japan and Korea in TikTok screenshots, distinct patterns emerge that reflect unique cultural and design preferences. Japan leans towards having more visual contents and having more design elements in the screenshot. While Korea showcases minimalism favoring the absence of color with a predominant white canvas and a simplistic design approach.

Message of the Screenshots

tiktok japan vs korea

Another difference that we can grasp comparing screenshots of TikTok Japan vs TikTok Korea is the message of the screenshots itself. Japan highlights cute contents such as pets and use of animated filters. While Korea focuses more on trendy contents, such as using a popular TikTok-er and a tip to share a hip restaurant on the screenshot.

TikTok Japan VS TikTok Korea Screenshots Summary:

TikTok Japan:

  • Writes more on their visual assets
  • Uses more visual contents and design elements
  • Highlights cute contents

TikTok Korea:

  • Uses less characters on their visual assets
  • Minimalist and allows more white space
  • Focus on trendy contents


In conclusion, Japan tends to employ more text, opts for a visually rich display and abundant design elements, and emphasizes cute and endearing content. While Korea favors minimalism, embraces whitespace and brevity, and focuses on trendy contents.

This comparative analysis of TikTok’s screenshot creatives in Japan and Korea highlights the importance of tailoring marketing strategies to align with the cultural and visual preferences of each specific market. Acknowledging and leveraging these differences can be instrumental in achieving marketing success in these neighboring yet distinct nations.

We hope this article helps you on your next marketing decisions on Japanese and Korean markets. If you need help on ASO and marketing agency support in Japan and Korea, you may contact us here.

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