Keyword Optimization

AI Keyword Suggestions Powered by GPT

Looking for effective keywords for your apps/games? Have AI do it for you. Use ASO index’s AI Suggestion to promptly get impactful keywords!

Meet the History of Your Keywords

Keyword Rankings have a significant impact on impression. Follow their ranking history and which keywords have bigger impact on your app’s success!

Discover Competitors' Keywords At a Glance

Start tracking keywords that competitors are using in metadata and examine if they are worth applying to yours

Don't Miss out a Single Keyword

Sometimes, it is easy to pass valuable keywords even from your own metadata. Get your metadata broken down to meaningful keywords (even in Korean and Japanese)

Metadata Localization

Get your metadata localized and meet users around the globe.

track keywords

Manage keywords as you wish

Get notified when your keywords rank higher

Group keywords by your customized classifications

Color your keyword list and make it more intuitive


Keyword simulation establishes a strong start

Keyword suggestions made in various angles

Check out competitors’ keywords

Upon your discovery, you can immediately start tracking the keyword


More ranked keywords higher the impression

Auto count for each rankings

Promote well-performing keywords to your title

Top 50 keywords also matter! Try to increase more keywords in overall rankings

Ready to take off?


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