What is Keyword Tracking and how does it work? – Pt. 2

About Keyword Tracking_How to Analyze Tracked Keywords 1. Keyword Analysis: You can see the list of the keywords you are tracking and the data of each keyword:👉 Search Volume: Keyword search volume indicates the value of how frequently a keyword is

What is Keyword Simulation and how does it help?

What Does Keyword Simulation Do for me? Keyword Simulation has three parts: ASO Simulator, Tracked Keywords in Metadata, and Rating Simulation.The first part, ASO Simulator, provides 4 tabs: 1. Title: This feature lets you analyze your current title or simulate

What is Metadata Localization and how does it help?

About Metadata Localization Metadata Localization lets you easily localize your metadata in other languages to support your global market advance. 👉 It also provides character count so you can easily check if it is within the store limits. Still have

What is Keyword Tracking and how does it work? – Pt.1

About Keyword Tracking_How to Start Tracking Keywords Keyword Tracking is a core function ASO index provides our customers. There are four ways for you to start tracking keywords:   1. Add Keywords: This is simple. You simply enter the keywords


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