How can I manage My App list?

How to Manage My App List   To manage your apps, please go to my app management page: 1. “Manage Apps” on the top right or 2. Click on the drop-down button on the top and click on “Go to

How can I manage the competitors of my app?

How to Manage the Competitors from “Manage App” You can manage the competitors of your app even after completing adding your app. Go to my app management page by: 1. Click “Manage Apps” on the top right or    

How can I add my app and competitors?

Adding My App To add your app, click on “+New App” and make a search for your app. Please refer to the images below: 1. Click “+New App”    2. Search your app 👉 You should select the country that

What is ASO index?

About ASO index ASO index is an ASO tool that provides you with rich insight and real-time market trends of app stores and aids you optimize your app through our kin analysis of keywords and various elements of the app

What can I do when I want to change the market country of my app?

Changing the Country Seting of My App In order for you to view your app in another market country, you need to add an app with a different country setting. Please kindly refer to the steps below: 1. Click “+


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