About App Explorer

What is App Explorer? App Explorer literally lets you explore apps of your interest. But here is the fun part. You don’t have to make the search by an app’s title. You can simply enter a keyword. The search result

About Category Ranking

What is Category Ranking? Category Ranking lets you see the history of your app’s ranking as well as your competitors. This way you get to understand your app’s market presence and your next step, whether it is to secure the

About Review & Rating

What is Review & Rating? Review & Rating gives you a thorough analysis of the ratings and reviews your app is receiving.   1. # of Daily Review: It makes it easy for you to see the trend of the

About Developer Profile

What is Developer Profile? Developer Profile shows the all other apps the developer of the current app you are tracking has created. 👉 It is useful when you are tracking your competitors to fully understand their presence in the market.

About App Profile

What is App Profile? From App Profile, you get to check the overall status of your app in the target market. 1. Keyword Power – Stands for how much exposure your app is getting on the store 2. Category Ranking


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