What is ASO Score and how is it calculated?

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What is ASO Score and how is it calculated?

ASO Score and Its Calculation

The main indicator that tells your app’s ASO status is ASO Score.

This page is to help you understand what factors determine the score and what you can get out of knowing your app’s score.
Long story short, ASO Score is the sum of the MKO, CRO, and RSO.

Then what are these three values?

1. MKO: It stands for Metadata Keyword Optimization, and it analyzes the title, subtitle (short description), and description of your app and how effective the keywords are. Moreover, the MKO score takes the length of the metadata into account and lets you know which factor needs improvement.

2. CRO: It stands for Creative Optimization, and it takes how often the app’s creatives have been updated, the number of screenshots, and the preview video into account and lets you know which part needs improvement.

3. RSO: It stands for Review Score Optimization, and it is an indicator of whether your app is getting good ratings or not lately.

Weekly ASO Score then lets you know the tendency of your ASO Score. If this graph is going downward, you need to be alert.

Comparing the ASO Score against your competitors give you meaningful insights and vividly lets you know your next steps as it not only provides the scores of the competitors but also which part of the sub-factors are optimized or not.
Pay special attention to the factors you are currently getting low scores but the competitors have high scores. It may be your first step to achieve a higher position than your competitors.

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