How to Use Promotion Code​

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How to Use Promotion Code​
  1. Sign in to ASO index.
    • If you haven’t created your account yet, please follow the guide below and sign up for ASO index
    • Go to sign up guide
  2. Go to My Profile and click “My Subscription.”
  3. Click “Go to Subscription Plans” and choose a plan.
  4. On the Stripe payment page, click “Add Promotion Code.”

  1. Enter the promotion code you have.
  2. Enter your payment information and complete the subscription process.
If you haven’t used the free trial yet​
  1. Start the 10-day free trial
  2. After it expires and you desire to continue the subscription, you may apply the promotion coupon
  3. [IMPORTANT]: If the code has an expiration date that is before your free trial end date, you need to make payment for your subscription even though you are still in the free trial period
    • For instance, your trial period is 2023/12/25 ~ 2024/01/05
    • Yet the code you have is only valid until 2023/12/31.
    • For you to get the discount with the code, you need to make payment for the subscription prior to 2023/12/31

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