How can I add my app and competitors?

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How can I add my app and competitors?

Adding My App

To add your app, click on “+New App” and make a search for your app.

Please refer to the images below:

1. Click “+New App” 


2. Search your app

👉 You should select the country that you want to track and optimize.
👉 For example, if you want to optimize your app in the Japanese market, please select Japan.

3. Select store

👉 The keyword data, competitor information, etc. are all different according to the countries and stores, so please select the right ones.

Click play to see how you can add your app:

Adding Competitors

The next step is to add the competitors of your app. By comparing and contrasting against the competitors, you can get hints for optimization.

You can add competitors from our suggestions or make a search for a specific competitor you have in mind. 

Click play to see how you can add competitors:

If you are looking for how to manage competitors after you completed adding your app, please Click Here

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