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About App Explorer

What is App Explorer?

App Explorer literally lets you explore apps of your interest. But here is the fun part. You don’t have to make the search by an app’s title. You can simply enter a keyword.

The search result is exactly the same as the result of entering the keyword in App Store or Play Store; only it is easier to check the result apps’ metadata as well as their creatives at a glance.

[App Explorer’s Apps]


[App Explorer’s Creatives]

👉 If you click the “graph” button, you get to check the app’s information.

👉 This way you don’t have to register all the apps that you want to know more about on your list; you can simply explore them and get insights that we are looking for.

Please check the App Info image below:

Click Play to see how to explore Apps

Click Play to see how to explore creatives

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