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Christina Giagkou
Christina GiagkouMy Talking Pet
Share Mob
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aix's expertise, communication, commitment, and creativity throughout our partnership provided us with an exceptional experience. They went above and beyond to understand our goals and tailor their approach accordingly
Ela Novac
Ela Novac Slopes
Breakpoint Studio LLC
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Our partnership with aix was essential in making the proper steps and establishing our presence and awareness in Japan. Not only from an ASO perspective, but we appreciate their strategic business advice and go-to-market guidance. It saved us from quite a few mishaps and successfully jump-started our business on the Asian market, the ultimate dream for snow sports.
Suji Lee
Suji LeeHellobot
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aix’s ASO and media-building capabilities made it possible for us to make a meaningful entry into Japan, which was our first leap into the global market. aix is like a team located in Japan, providing us with timely and efficient marketing action items that embrace Japan’s trends.
Harumichi Nozaki
Harumichi NozakiPoint Income
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The collaboration with aix was very impressive. They provided us with a detailed ASO strategy for iOS and Android, which allowed us to maximize our organic user acquisition. Their analysis of the market and competitors provided us with the right keywords and improvements in the creatives for our app.
Kamil Tariq
Kamil TariqLuni
Senior UA Manager
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We collaborated with aix for our pre-launch and post-launch strategy in Japan. aix’s in-depth insights across the product and marketing spectrum have been instrumental in our approach to the Japanese market. Their end-user oriented approach especially on a macro level makes it clear in terms of what steps need to be taken to achieve the desired goals.


We Create the Best Environment for App Growth

Build a profound foundation for app growth with ASO

Create engaging and effective ads with custom creatives, video production, and ad localization.

BX (Brand Experience) & Creative Direction for Performance Optimization

Our native Japanese and Korean members provide localization, constituted of in-depth insights into each country’s culture and trends.

Conduct Research to understand the current market status better

From Tailored Ad Operation Strategy to Actual Practice and Application

Our Guidance

Three Obstacles of Marketing: 

Budget, Limited Resources, Lack of Knowledge 

aix can help you overcome them by our Bespoke Solution


Visibility and CVR increased by 78% and 53% respectively

Point Income

developed by Fivegate Inc.


225% Increase in iOS Search Visibility


developed by Thingsflow Inc.

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48% Increase in
App Store Impressions


developed by Thingsflow Inc.


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