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Ceaseless Growth through the Synergy of ASO and ADs

♦ iOS data♦ AOS data 114% I 173% Increase inImpression after ASO 236% I 144% Increase inTop 10 Keyword Ranking TOP 1 At Least One Major Keyword on Both iOS and AOS Point Income is an application, developed by Fivegate

Skyrocketing Search Visibility, Fueled by ASO

225% Increase in iOS Search Visibility I 1,046% Increase in AOS Search Visibility Intro Hellobot is a chatbot application, developed by Korea’s app provider, Thingsflow Inc. This chatbot provides various charming characters that tell users fortunes with Tarot cards, astrology, and past-life

Case Study: VideoMonster

♦ iOS data♦ AOS data120% I 160%Increase in Keyword Visibility350% I 200%Increase in Conversion Rate380% I 185%Increase in Ad EfficiencyIntroVideoMonster is an application that provides video editing tools and motion graphic templates. Its developer is located in Seoul,  South Korea, and attempted to succeed


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