Case Study: VideoMonster

♦ iOS data
♦ AOS data

120% I 160%

Increase in 
Keyword Visibility

350% I 200%

Increase in 
Conversion Rate

380% I 185%

Increase in 
Ad Efficiency


VideoMonster is an application that provides video editing tools and motion graphic templates. Its developer is located in Seoul,  South Korea, and attempted to succeed in the global market. It provides its service in English, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Thai, yet its performance in the Japanese market was not as fruitful as in the other markets. This case study then discovers how our ASO consulting has improved VideoMonster to grow in visibility and conversion rate on both Apple App Store(iOS) and Google Play Store(AOS) in Japan. We implemented meta keyword optimization (MKO) for VideoMonster’s title, subtitle, description, and keyword field. We also applied conversion rate optimization (CRO) through which we optimized screenshots and their texts to attract more users. The results of MKO and CRO were: an increase in keyword visibility, conversation rate, and ad efficiency.

Keyword Ranking

Before applying our ASO measures, VideoMonsters keywords were positioned at low rankings and some were unranked. To bring it up, we conducted market research and found the most relevant and effective keywords for VideoMonster. Applying those keywords resulted in the rank-ups of many keywords on both iOS and AOS; the overall keyword ranking went up by a large percentage.

Keyword Ranking on iOS

MKO applied on April 21st, 2022, and the overall keyword ranking of VideoMonster increased by 120% after the MKO application. The top 10 keywords increased by 200%, the top 30 by 110%, and the top 50 by 130%. The improvement of keyword rankings led to visibility growth, and it eventually affected CVR. The discussion about CVR will be provided below.



Keyword Ranking on AOS

Just like the MKO application on iOS, AOS’s keyword optimization took place on April 21st, 2022. The overall keyword ranking of VideoMonster on AOS has increased by 160%, and the growth in the top 30 and the top 50 keywords contributed to this improvement most notably, as the top 30 keywords had increased by 161%, while the top 50 went up by 250%.

Initially, we operated global marketing without a thorough understanding of each country. We merely changed our brand message. Yet aix Inc. has analyzed users' in-app behaviors and what they mainly create through our app to find out the most appropriate meta keyword and optimize screenshots.
In addition to the clear insight, I was impressed aix's data-based ASO process which covered visibility scores and the analysis of competing apps. Above all, I thank for and appraise the effort aix's members' have contributed to the growth of our app.

Conversion Rate

As MKO allowed VideoMonster’s visibility to go up, it can be expected that its CVR also went up. While its CVR indeed rose, it should not be forgotten that CRO was implemented along with MKO. We attempted to improve the screenshots by adding a catchphrase in the first screenshot and showing the app’s features and merits in the second and third screenshots. 



Before CRO




After CRO

CRO was updated on the same date MKO was applied, and it resulted in CVR improvement by a large percentage. To discover the correlation between optimization measures and CVR, the data from February 1st to April 21st and the data from April 21st to July 5th were compared. The data comparison showed that VideoMonster’s CVR on iOS has increased by 350%, while it increased by 200% on AOS. Thus, it is clear that applying MKO and CRO resulted in the growth of VideoMonster.


MKO and CRO applications indeed helped VideoMonster’s visibility and download to grow. Yet it has done more than that. VideoMonster undertook an nCPI campaign on February 7th and May 21st. Interestingly, the effect of nCPI in February was not as impactful as the nCPI in May. The CVR from February 7th to March 23rd and May 21st to July 5th were compared to obtain concrete data. On iOS, the May CVR increased by 380%, while the AOS CVR increased by 185%. For there was not another variable that may have affected such difference besides MKO and CRO application in April, it seems fair to address that MKO and CRO optimized the campaign’s efficiency.




Before applying our ASO measures, VideoMonster was treated undeservedly by the Japanese app market. Yet the market obviously did not treat the app wrongly with willful intention. Rather, it operates according to a certain algorithm, so figuring out what affected the algorithm may help the app to perform to its full potential. This case study has shown that ASO has helped VideoMonster to increase its CVR and led to a more successful advertisement campaign. For these reasons, it seems fair to conclude that ASO is a basic yet essential process for successful app marketing.

  • Established: 2015. 09. 11
  • Located: Seoul, South Korea
  • Services: Produces video editing tools and templates for short-term videos and motion graphics mainly used for business or contest exhibit purposes.
  • PC Version:
  • Project Period: 2022

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