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Check Your ASO Score!

Intro App Store Optimization(ASO) is an app marketing strategy that aims to increase an app’s search ranking and maximize its downloads. Applying ASO also brings more users as it is expected to increase organic downloads, so ASO has become a

Non-ASO Measures that Double the ASO Benefit

Intro The algorithm of app stores is calculated by various factors, so it seems appropriate to implement ASO from diverse angles. While Meta Keyword Optimization is a must-to-take measure, other strategies may aid the raise the search ranking of the

RSO Advanced: How to Enhance Rating

Intro A previous article, “CRO Advanced: How to Convert Visitors to Users,” introduced a strategy that increases the number of downloads and discussed optimizing the creatives (e.g. screenshots, icons, preview video, etc.) will lead to the growth of CVR. Yet

CRO Advanced: How to Convert Visitors to Active Users

Intro Article, “MKO: Advanced: How to Select the Perfect Keywords for Your App,” had introduced Meta Keyword Optimization as a strategy that makes your app to rank at high in the search result so its visibility can rise in return.

MKO Advanced: How to Select Perfect Keywords for Your App  

This report will explain Meta Keyword Optimization (MKO) which can help your app to rank higher in the search result and be exposed to more users.


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