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The mobile gaming industry continues to thrive as one of the most lucrative sectors in the tech world. In 2022, the battle for user attention and engagement through advertising intensified, with mobile puzzle games emerging as the standout genre across the globe, from Japan and South Korea to the United States. What is it that captures users’ attention to proceed to tap the download button for a puzzle game app? In this article, we’ll explore the advertising trends and the dominance of puzzle games in the mobile gaming advertising arena in Japan.

We’ve dug deep into the advertising trends for puzzle games in Japan and have identified some key insights that are shaping the industry in this market.


Having Various Types of Advertisements

The top app, “Royal Match,” has taken a multi-pronged approach to advertising by incorporating several types of advertisements. This strategic move is aimed at appealing to a broader and more diverse audience. By diversifying their advertising strategies, “Royal Match” can reach out to different demographics and user segments, ensuring that their game resonates with a wide range of people. 

Characters in Danger x Tension

Introducing a tense hero rescue scene is a strategic move to ignite and sharpen the user’s appetite for a challenging gaming experience. Such scenes are designed to pique the player’s interest and keep them engaged by presenting them with a thrilling and high-stakes scenario. By incorporating these elements, game apps can tap into the user’s innate desire for challenge and excitement. This not only enhances the overall gaming experience but also encourages players to actively participate and work towards overcoming these challenges. 

Use of People x Emphasis on Features

The use of actual people talking about the puzzle game app seems to be a trend as well in Japan. There are advertisements in comedic themes, and some are in user reaction themes, where the person in the ad describes dissatisfaction from other games then talking about how the puzzle game has the features she was wishing for, highlighting the USPs of the puzzle game.

Introducing Playable Ads

These interactive ad formats allow users to engage with a snippet of the app or game being promoted. As users actively participate, they gain a practical understanding of the product’s features and functionality. The beauty of playable ads lies in their ability to convert curiosity into genuine interest. Users who engage with these ads are often more invested in the app or game, having had a taste of its functionality. This can translate into higher-quality leads and a greater likelihood of user retention, as the initial interaction fosters a stronger connection between the user and the advertised product.

Utilizing Cost Per Engagement (CPE) Advertising

It is speculated that the reason for the strong performance of top apps is that they are implementing measures that collaborate with point income apps such as “Point Income”. By running CPE ads, you can expect to acquire heavy users who will use the app for a long time. 

The concept is simple but powerful. Users are rewarded with points, incentives, or benefits for actively engaging with the app, which may include performing specific actions or reaching certain milestones. As a result, these users are not just casual downloaders; they are heavy users who have a tangible incentive to continue using the app.


In conclusion, the advertising landscape for mobile puzzle games in Japan during 2022 showcased a dynamic fusion of creativity and strategy. Top apps like “Royal Match” embraced diversity in their advertising approaches, targeting a broad spectrum of users through various ad formats. The introduction of tense hero rescue scenes ignited a hunger for challenges, enhancing the gaming experience and driving user engagement. The utilization of real people in ads, coupled with a focus on the app’s benefits, added a personal touch to promotions. Playable ads further bridged the gap between curiosity and genuine interest, promoting user retention. Moreover, the integration of Cost Per Engagement (CPE) advertising strategies, collaborating with point income apps, offered incentives that encouraged heavy and long-term app usage. As we move forward, these strategies will continue to redefine the mobile gaming advertising landscape, shaping the future of this dynamic industry.

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