Puzzle Games in Japan: Keyword Trends


In the ever-evolving landscape of digital entertainment, Japan has emerged as a veritable puzzle paradise. Renowned for its rich gaming culture, the Land of the Rising Sun has unequivocally embraced the enigmatic allure of puzzle games, making it the cornerstone of gaming experiences for millions of enthusiasts. While the gaming world features an array of genres, it’s the puzzling riddles, mind-bending challenges, and intricate conundrums that take center stage in Japan.

In our research, we delved into the world of free puzzle game apps in Japan, specifically the top 50 ranking ones. Puzzle games hold a special place in the hearts of Japanese gamers, being the most popular game genre. It’s no wonder that Japan has secured its position as the second-largest market for mobile puzzle games globally. This article focuses on unraveling the intriguing keyword trends within the Japanese puzzle game app market.

Frequent Keywords

In our investigation, we found that certain keywords played a significant role in the discovery and success of puzzle game apps in Japan. The most prevalent keywords among the top 50 ranking free puzzle game apps included パズル (puzzle), ゲーム(game), ブロック (block), 脳トレ (brain training), and 暇つぶし (time-killing).


Discover Section of App Store

During our research, we monitored the ever-changing landscape of the Japanese app store from June to August 2023, paying special attention to the keywords prominently featured in the discovery panel. The Discover section can be found on the Search menu of the App Store. These keywords are the initial keywords users see when they go to the Search page, making it a goldmine for insights into emerging trends and popular search terms. 

Search Tab: Keywords Searched Together

In our analysis of the Japanese app store, we uncovered an interesting pattern in the search behavior of users looking for puzzle game apps. Two keywords, “free” and “popular,” appeared together with the パズル (puzzle) keyword in search queries. This combination reflects the discerning nature of Japanese mobile gamers who not only seek puzzle games but also prioritize cost-free options that are widely enjoyed. The prominence of “free” and “popular” highlights a significant consideration for puzzle game developers aiming to capture the Japanese market – offering quality free-to-play puzzle games can significantly enhance an app’s chances of gaining popularity and visibility among Japanese users. By capitalizing on this search behavior and providing top-notch, cost-free puzzle gaming experiences, developers can better position their apps in the competitive Japanese mobile game market.

Keyword List

To provide a comprehensive understanding of the keyword trends in the Japanese app store for puzzle games, we utilized our ASO tool, ASO index, to gauge the search volumes of various keywords. 


This research on keywords in Japanese puzzle games provides a valuable window into the intricate puzzle game market in Japan. The insights gathered herein serve as a guiding light for developers, marketers, and industry stakeholders, empowering them to make informed decisions and meet the evolving demands of the gaming community. Understanding the prominence of these keywords isn’t just about data; it’s about enhancing the user experience and driving the success of puzzle game apps. This knowledge is instrumental in crafting effective app store optimization strategies tailored to the discerning Japanese gaming audience, ultimately contributing to the sustained growth and competitiveness of the industry in this vibrant gaming market.

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