Non-ASO Measures that Double the ASO Benefit


The algorithm of app stores is calculated by various factors, so it seems appropriate to implement ASO from diverse angles. While Meta Keyword Optimization is a must-to-take measure, other strategies may aid the raise the search ranking of the app. 


This article introduces the strategies that allow the app to obtain a wide range of keywords that rank high in the search ranking when they are implemented along with ASO measures like MKO or CRO. Other reports have described what ASO is and how it works, so you may refer to them if you want to know ASO in more detail.


The factors that affect app stores’ algorithms can be classified into two groups: “On Meta Data” and “Off Meta Data.” On Meta Data is consisted of factors that can be adjusted and managed by the app’s developer. App’s title or keyword field belongs to On Meta Data. Off Meta Data includes factors that cannot be controlled by the developer. App’s ratings or reviews are Off Meta Data. You can check the table below to see the classification in detail.

You can do MKO and CRO to optimize On Meta Data. However, developers cannot directly manage or control Off Meta Data. Then, what can be done to optimize Off Meta Data? Is there any countermeasure that successfully manages Off Meta Data?


To successfully optimize Off Meta Data, it is necessary to
①improve the essentials and ② appropriate marketing strategies.


In the article, What is RSO? I discussed about “① improving the essentials” as a method to increase review score, so take a look into that if you can. But for now, let’s talk about “② appropriate marketing strategies.”

Ads in App Stores (Find New Users)

Like many other digital platforms, app stores have their own ads system. There is Apple Search Ads for Apple App Store and Google App Campaign for Google Play Store. Both ads system allow developers to display their apps by interlocking the ads with the app store search.

The ad set up via Apple Search Ads will show at the top when searched with the corresponding keyword, and the ad cost depends on the number of installs or the number of clicks. For there is only one section for a keyword, whoever bids the most for that keyword gets to advertise the app. So there is the second app auction for such keyword biddings. Because keywords that incur intense competition usually end up at a very high bidding price, it is better to select financially reasonable and app-relative keywords and optimize the creatives instead of risking lots of resources in competing under the voluminous keywords. That way you can let your app grow at the least cost.


According to Apple, the average conversion rate of Apple Search Ads is 50%. Users search in the app store because they want to download an app, whether specific or not, and they tend to pay attention to the first app they see in the search result. These reasons add up to the high rate of Apple Search Ads’ conversion rate. 

App store advertisement bring higher impressions, clicks, and conversion rate, meaning it directly and positively affects Off Meta Data. As these numbers increase, the app store algorithms will value the app more; as a result, the app will be ranked higher. 

Improving Retention Rate (Securing the Existing Users)

It has been found that bringing more users helps to optimize Off Meta Data, but securing the existing users is as important as new users. When many users bounce away soon after downloading the app, it causes a major loss that cannot be easily recompensed by simply spending resources on it. The retention rate is one of Off Meta Data, and it not only affects ASO but also the app’s growth and profit. Accordingly, increasing the retention rate becomes an efficient and reliable way to increase revenue.  Moreover, the fact that securing the existing users costs less than finding new users and that existing users make more in-app purchases, improving retention rate becomes an efficient marketing strategy. 


There are various methods to increase retention rates, such as enhancing the onboarding more appealingly, sending push messages tailored to user behavior, or rewarding daily attendance. Other than these methods, you can also increase the retention rate by re-targeting. You can re-target the users by particular criteria like users who are not using the app after downloading or the users who have not made an in-app purchase yet.

Improving retention rate leads to the enhancement of Off Meta Data, such as lowering uninstall rate or raising the in-app purchase rate. And it leads to efficient ASO because the app that is being continually used tends to be highly valued by the algorithm of app stores.


In this report, we introduced optimizing Off Meta Data, a significant factor that affects ASO. For the algorithm of app stores to take many factors into account when calculating an app’s value, it is always better to implement various optimization measures at the same time. Let your app shine brighter with more optimizers. 


ASO Index is an ASO tool developed by aix Inc., and it serves your app to grow by providing in-depth data and concise analysis and research.

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