Dating Apps in Japan: Keyword Trends


With the festive season approaching, Christmas stands as a unique time in Japan, known for its association with dating and romance. If you’re read our article about Christmas in Japan, you’d know that Christmas in Japan is a season for dating! Today, our focus turns to the realm of dating apps in Japan. Previously, we discussed the advertising and promotional trends prevalent among the top dating apps in Japan. In this article, we’re set to delve deeper into the observed keyword trends within these dating platforms. Which Japanese keywords are instrumental in enhancing their rankings, and which terms are commonly searched together? Let’s find out!

Dating Apps in Japan: Keyword Trends
Dating Apps in Japan: Keyword Trends

In October 2023, we conducted an analysis of the most popular keywords utilized within the Top 50 free dating apps in Japan. Our findings revealed prominent terms commonly employed within these platforms. The most frequent keywords observed encompassed phrases such as マッチングアプリ (matching app), 出会い (meeting), 婚活 (marriage), and 恋活 (searching for a lover) emerged as prevalent.


Keywords by App Category

In our keyword analysis, we categorized the keywords into four distinct app categories, each serving specific purposes. The categories are as follows:

  1. Making friends (not allowed to meet people): This category centers on applications designed for individuals seeking platonic connections or social interactions without the intention of meeting potential romantic partners.
  2. Dating apps: Keywords falling within this category are associated with applications explicitly created for the purpose of facilitating romantic relationships, connections, and dating experiences.
  3. Looking for love (relationships): This category encompasses keywords related to apps designed for those in search of meaningful romantic relationships and connections beyond casual dating.
  4. Marriage hunting: Keywords in this category pertain to apps that are tailored to individuals actively seeking life partners and long-term commitments.

Such keywords related to each categories can be seen on the photo below:

Dating Apps in Japan: Keyword Trends

Search Tab: Keywords Searched Together

Our investigation into the Japanese app store unveiled a notable trend in the search behaviors of users seeking dating apps. Among the keywords frequently searched together were 完全無料 (totally free), 人気 (popular), and 友達 (friends). 

Dating Apps in Japan: Keyword Trends

The prominence of “完全無料,” meaning “totally free,” is particularly notable. This emphasis on cost may be attributed to the prevalent monetization models employed by many dating apps, which often incorporate elements requiring payments, such as purchasing points to access messages. 

A significant observation was the gender-based payment model prevalent in these apps, where many are free for female users but necessitate payment from male users. The dissatisfaction expressed by male users, as highlighted in a survey conducted by Matching App University, where 85% of male respondents felt discontent with the gender-based payment model, suggests a notable demand for genuinely free dating apps among users in the market. This search behavior and dissatisfaction underline a growing user preference for dating platforms that offer a truly free and equitable experience for all users.



With this article, we hope that it would help you leverage valuable insights into the Japanese dating app market. Understanding the prevalent keywords and user search behavior enables a more targeted approach in app development and marketing strategies, aligning your app offerings with the diverse needs and preferences of the Japanese audience. This data equips you to make informed decisions, addressing user concerns regarding payment structures and enhancing your app’s competitive edge in this dynamic and evolving landscape

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