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Article, “MKO: Advanced: How to Select the Perfect Keywords for Your App,” had introduced Meta Keyword Optimization as a strategy that makes your app to rank at high in the search result so its visibility can rise in return. However, the increase of visibility and the number of visits would not bear meaningful fruits unless the visitors turn into the actual users of the app. Then what can be done for that conversion to happen more often?

To find out a solution for the conversion, I would like to guide you through Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) in this report. 

What is CRO?

CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization, and the conversion rate shows how many downloads occurred over the number of visitors to the product page. As the number of downloads directly relates to the developer’s profit, CRO is critical, and for CRO, a product page is important as a product page is what determines whether the visitor actually downloads the app and becomes a user or not. Thus, you may see an increased number of organic downloads and cost efficiency for advertisement once you optimize your product page well.

What Makes Users Download an App?

It has been discovered that the time it takes for a person to decide whether to click an ad on a website or SNS portal is less than one second. This applies the same to an app store environment. A visitor will click either “Install” or “Back” in a second, so it is almost like a unconscious choice. Accordingly, CRO wants to crack a visitor’s unconsciousness to manipulate the visitor to a certain degree in order for more visitors to click “Install.”

To get a glimpse of how a person’s inconscience operates, let’s suppose we are looking for an app and track down what elements we happen to consider before installing an app. Suppose you are looking for a sleep app.

You are having hard time sleeping lately, so you wanted an app that helps you have sound sleep. What is the first thing you would do? You open the app store on your phone. Then you will enter search keywords like “sleep,” “sleep app,” “sleep induce,” or “sleep music.” 

As a result of your search, various apps that are related to sound sleep will be displayed. Among these apps, which app makes you want to know about it more? If you actually download the app, what was the main reason for that? Was it because the app had high rating? Or was it because the screenshots looked interesting? There can be multiple reasons, but a person most likely made that decision because the product page was well designed; in other words, the app’s CRO was implemented successfully. Now let’s break down the product page into each segment and discuss how these elements make you think “this looks interesting.”

Things that Contribute to Conversion

Searchers consider these elements of the various apps they see on the search result to determine which one to download. Within a second, an app has to attract the attention of the searchers, so an app’s first impression is extremely important. To optimize the app’s first impression, it is advisible to use A/B test feature. Both Apple App Store and Google Play Store allow app developers to conduct A/B test. 

Provide two product pages which you have created based on thorough market research and user data. Then use both product pages and monitor how the searchers react to each page. You can revise or improve one product page if its performance is not as good as the other one. You can also use A/B test to change your icon and screenshots that reflect seasonal needs or in-app events. As you continue to monitor the A/B test and improve the product pages upon the test result, you will find the optimized product page for your app.

Important Criteria when Imporving a Product Page

  • An App’s title should be easy to remember and use keywords that differentiate from competing apps.
  • A subtitle should be persuasive and demonstrate the app concisely.
  • An icon should attract a searcher’s attention within a second.
  • The app’s rating should be higher than 4.0.
  • # of Reviews should have enough volume when compared to competing apps.
  • A Preview video should arouse interest, so including animation is advisable.
  • Screenshots’s copy or images of the app should convey the app clearly.
  • The descriptions should depict the app’s features and strength.


Conversion Rate Optimization is the process that determines your app’s first impression. No matter how good your app is, it won’t generate much installs if it has a bad first impression. So it is advisable to conduct A/B test on a regular base and optimize your proudct page, for users’ needs and the app market’s trend constantly change. More time you spend analyzing how users react to your app more you understand your users and, most importantly, your prospective users. Go start your CRO process and meet your new users!

ASO Index is a ASO tool developed by aix Inc., and it serves your app to grow by providing in-depth data and concise analysis and research.

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