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App Store Optimization(ASO) is an app marketing strategy that aims to increase an app’s search ranking and maximize its downloads. Applying ASO also brings more users as it is expected to increase organic downloads, so ASO has become a strategy that cannot be overlooked when it comes down to app marketing.

This article will help you check how efficient your ASO is by scoring it based on our ASO criteria. Plus, this scoring criteria will aid developers who are having a hard time figuring out where to start their ASO.

Let’s dig in!

Scoring System

The criteria this article provides reflect Apple App Store’s features, so please open your iOS product page as you conduct ASO scoring. Firstly, follow the ASO scoring standard (the image below) and give a score from 1 to 4 to each question. Then add each score you got from “MKO: Meta Keyword Optimization,” “CRO: Conversion Rate Optimization,” and “RSO: Review Score Optimization.” The highest score you can get is 100.

MKO : Meta Keyword Optimization (Max. 40 pts.)

【App Title】

①Is your brand name easy to remember?

②Are the keywords in the title coherent and consistent?

③Is the title easy to understand and written naturally?

④Do the keywords in the title differentiate from competing apps? 


①Is the subtitle convincing enough to bring conversion?

②Does the subtitle maximize the word limit (30 words) to demonstrate the app?

③Are the important keywords located on the left side of the subtitle? 

【Keyword Field】

①Is the keyword something users often use when searching an app?

②Is the keyword different than the keywords used in the title and the subtitle?

③Is the keyword not compounded and using a single word?

CRO: Conversion Rate Optimization(Max. 40 pts.)


①Has the user’s reaction been analyzed by the A/B test?

②Does the icon convey the features of the app?

③Does the icon design differentiate from competing apps? 


①Has the user’s reaction been analyzed by the A/B test? 

②Is the first screenshot impactful enough to draw the user’s attention?

③Does the screenshot successfully visualize the actual user experience?

【Promotion Video】

①Is a promotion video in use?

②Does the promotion video well depict the app’s features and user experience?


①Does the description demonstrate the app’s features in a CV-conscious fashion?

②Does the description deliberately present the app?

RSO: Review Score Optimization(Max. 20 pts.)


①What is the average review score?

(Below ★3= 1 pt, Below ★4= 2 pts, Below ★4.5= 3 pts、Below ★5= 4 pts)

②Does the app have more(or at least a similar) number of reviews than competing apps?

③Does the first visible review convey a positive reaction to the app?

④Is review reply or response being conducted? 

⑤Is an in-app review request in use? such as sending the review request to amicable users?

What was your ASO score? For your ASO to bear fruits, your ASO score should be higher than 80. In contrast, if your score is lower than 60, you need to improve the criteria where you fell short this time.


Unfortunately, there is no officially verified test method or algorithm that is publically available. However, we have compiled enough data about the app stores so we can provide proper advice to make an app rank higher. This report introduced a little bit of such service we can provide. 

To maximize the benefit of ASO, it is important to optimize various elements at the same time. Among those elements, some can be optimized in a short period, while others need monitoring and management for a longer time. So it can be overwhelming to manage them successfully. When you are in that situation, try the ASO scoring to set yourself a priority for your ASO. Follow that priority and improve the ASO measures one by one. Then your app will appear at a higher rank and bring you more users.

ASO Index is an ASO tool developed by aix Inc., and it serves your app to grow by providing in-depth data and concise analysis and research.

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