ASO Audit Report: IKEA


The IKEA app, currently positioned as the 35th ranked app (at the time of writing) in the Shopping Category within the App Store Japan, demonstrates a fairly good performance in App Store Optimization (ASO), as indicated by its ASO Score of 202/300. However, this score reflects a lot of opportunity for improvement and further enhancement. The article aims to delve into the areas where IKEA can refine its ASO strategy to boost its visibility and ranking within the app store. In this specific ASO Audit, we used ASO index as our tool to analyze the ASO standing of IKEA app as well as getting suggestions on how to improve IKEA Japan app’s ASO score.

Beginning with a review of Meta Keyword Optimization, the analysis shows a Visibility Score of 45/100 and a Meta Keyword Optimization Score of 42/100, highlighting the need for improvements in this domain to enhance the app’s visibility. 


Overall Feedback: “Needs more touch in keyword optimization. Explore more effective keywords and maximize your app’s potential!” With this in mind, let’s do a quick keyword analysis of the current metadata of IKEA app in Japan and see the things we can improve.


Keyword Research


  • App title: “IKEA”
  • Character count: 4/30
  • Keyword in Title: “IKEA” has good search volume (49) and high ranking (1).

The App Store provides a 30-character limit for the app title, yet the IKEA app utilizes only 4 characters of this available space. Recognizing the significance of each character in the app’s visibility and discoverability, it’s crucial to maximize this space as much as possible. By using the full extent of the character allowance, IKEA could significantly improve its potential for visibility within the store, allowing for a more descriptive and impactful title that better represents the app and its offerings.


  • App Subtitle: “Inspired shopping”
  • Character count: 17/30 
  • Keywords in Subtitle: 
    • “Inspire” (search volume 43, ranking 8)
    • “Shopping” (search volume 80, ranking 16)

The current app subtitle, “Inspired shopping,” occupies 17 out of the 30 available characters permitted by the App Store. While this choice appears well-suited for branding purposes and fostering user trust by signaling popularity, the keywords used within the subtitle might not be optimizing the app’s visibility as intended. Notably, the subtitle lacks localization, potentially impacting the app’s ranking significantly, as the absence of Japanese keywords could hinder its visibility within the local market. To improve the app’s visibility and resonance within the Japanese market, incorporating relevant Japanese keywords into the subtitle could be pivotal for enhancing its ranking and discoverability among local users.

Keywords IKEA might consider adding:

ASO Audit IKEA Japan

To bolster its visibility and search ranking, IKEA should consider incorporating additional keywords, especially keywords in Japanese. These keywords are sourced from competitors’ metadata, the current app description, and from AI keyword suggestion feature of ASO index. When selecting these keywords, it’s crucial to evaluate their search volume, chance, difficulty, the number of apps using the keyword, and the search ranking. Assessing these factors will aid IKEA in identifying and implementing strategic keywords that can effectively enhance the app’s visibility and performance in the app store.

Creative Optimization (CRO)

  • Number of Screenshots: 8/10
  • App Preview Video: None

As for the creative assets, the IKEA app currently utilizes 8 out of the 10 available screenshots permitted in the App Store. To further enhance the visual impact and conversion, it is suggested to consider adding more screenshots to offer a comprehensive view of the app’s features and offerings. Additionally, integrating an app preview could substantially bolster the app’s conversion rate by providing users with a dynamic and interactive preview, offering a more immersive and engaging experience, ultimately encouraging more downloads and user interactions.

Review Score Optimization

Since IKEA’s app ratings is above 4 starts, we can say that its performance is notably positive. To improve even better, it is advised to listen well to what the users are talking about on the reviews.

Picked keywords from Positive Reviews:

  • 便利 (benri) = convenient
  • 家で (ie de) = in the house
  • 配送 (haisou) = delivery

Picked keywords from Negative Reviews:

  • キャンセル = cancel
  • 情報 (jyouhou) = information
  • チャット = chat

Looking at the reviews Keyword Cloud feature of ASO index, we can get insights from the positive and negative keywords, on how to improve service better. We listed down a few keywords that we think is worth looking out for. This information serves as a compass for understanding user sentiments, enabling the app to make strategic improvements in service delivery. Enhanced service leads to increased positive reviews.

Summary of Recommendations:

  • Utilize the maximum character limits for the app’s title and subtitle.
  • Expand the title to encompass more descriptive and relevant terms, and optimize the subtitle by balancing branding elements with effective keywords to improve visibility.
  • Localize the metadata, including title, subtitle, and keywords, by incorporating relevant Japanese terms. This can significantly impact the app’s visibility within the local market and boost its ranking among Japanese users.
  • Regularly test different keywords and assess their impact on search rankings. Continue to refine and optimize keywords in the metadata to maximize visibility and improve the app’s ASO standing.
  • Consider integrating an app preview. A dynamic and interactive preview can increase user engagement and enhance the conversion rate, encouraging more downloads and user interactions.
ASO Audit Report: IKEA

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