ASO Audit Report: adidas


ASO Audit Report: adidas

“adidas” on App Store Japan (As of: Nov. 13, 2023)

The adidas app currently holds the 3rd position in the Sports Category on the App Store in Japan. In assessing its App Store Optimization (ASO) standing, the ASO Index reveals an overall score of 229 out of 300, with a Visibility score of 59 out of 100. While the app is performing reasonably, there is room for improvement, particularly in enhancing visibility and ranking. This article aims to delve into key areas where adidas can refine its ASO strategy. In this specific ASO Audit, we will be using the ASO tool, ASO index, as our tool to analyze the ASO standing of adidas app as well as suggest things to improve in terms of ASO.

ASO Audit Report: adidas
  • Visibility Score: 55/100
  • ASO Score: 195/300
  • Ranking: 21st on Shopping Category
ASO Audit Report: adidas

In our initial evaluation of Meta Keyword Optimization using the ASO Index, adidas currently holds a score of 44 out of 100, indicating a considerable opportunity for enhancement. This score falls below the halfway point of the total score, suggesting specific areas that require improvement to bolster the app’s overall ASO performance. ASO Index suggests that there is room for improvement in finding more meaningful keywords. This implies that the current set of keywords may not be as effective in maximizing the app’s visibility in the app store. A thorough review and strategic selection of keywords, considering relevance to the app’s content and user search behavior, can significantly contribute to a higher Meta Keyword Optimization score.



Keyword Research


  • App title: “adidas”
  • Character count: 6/30
  • Search Volume: 63
  • Ranking: 1

The app’s current title, “adidas,” utilizes only 6 out of the allowed 30 characters. Given that each character is valuable, it is advisable to optimize the title with localized and meaningful keywords to enhance search relevance and competitiveness in the Japanese market.


  • App Subtitle: “最新のadidasスニーカーやウエアをアプリで注文” 
  • App Subtitle English Translation: “Order the latest adidas sneakers and clothing using the app”
  • Character count: 25/30

The App Store allows up to 30 characters for Subtitle, adidas is utilizing most of the space, which is good. However, are these keywords helping the app be visible when app users search these keywords? An analysis of the effectiveness of these keywords in improving visibility is essential. Let’s take a look at these keywords’ search volume, chance of being exposed to the top, difficulty of search exposure, number of apps using the keywords, and search ranking:

Keywords adidas might consider adding:

ASO Audit Report: adidas

To enhance its visibility and improve search ranking, adidas should strategically integrate additional keywords into its app’s metadata. These keywords can be gleaned from competitor metadata, the existing app description, and AI-generated suggestions provided by the ASO index. In the process of selecting these keywords, careful consideration should be given to key metrics such as search volume, likelihood of ranking, level of difficulty, the prevalence of other apps using the same keyword, and the potential impact on search ranking. By systematically evaluating these factors, adidas can pinpoint and incorporate keywords that align with its goals, effectively elevating the app’s visibility and overall performance within the app store. This approach ensures a well-informed and data-driven strategy to maximize the app’s discoverability in the competitive app market.

Creative Optimization (CRO)

  • Number of Screenshots: 6/10
  • App Preview video: Utilized
ASO Audit Report: adidas
In terms of creatives, it’s nice that adidas also utilized the option to add a Preview Video showing how the app works. However, with 6 out of 10 allowable screenshots utilized, adding more screenshots can enhance the app’s visual appeal in the app store, potentially increasing downloads.

Review Score Optimization

  • RSO: 100/100
  • Rating: 4.63/5.0
ASO Audit Report: adidas

The app boasts a commendable rating of 4.63, indicating positive user feedback over the past month. Maintaining this rating is crucial for continued success.

Utilizing the review keyword cloud feature of the ASO Index, adidas can gain insights from positive and negative keywords. Focusing on improving service quality based on user feedback can contribute to even higher ratings and enhanced user satisfaction.

ASO Audit Report: adidas

Picked keywords from Positive Reviews:

  • 配送 (hassou) = delivery
  • 選択 (sentaku) = selection 
  • カテゴリー = category

Picked keywords from Negative Reviews:

  • 表示 (hyouji) = display
  • 在庫 (zaiko) = inventory
  • 画像 (gazou) = image

Leveraging insights from the reviews keyword cloud feature of the ASO index, adidas can focus on areas highlighted by users, both positive and negative. Encouraging a “better service” approach can lead to higher reviews. This data acts as a guide, helping comprehend user opinions and enabling the app to strategically enhance its service delivery. Improved service quality results in a rise in positive reviews.

How to get better ASO standing?

Summary of Recommendations:

1. Filling up the space on the title:

The title of the app is a critical element for App Store Optimization (ASO). With a limit of 30 characters, it’s essential to maximize this space to provide users with a clear and comprehensive idea of the app’s purpose. By using relevant, localized, and meaningful keywords in the title, Adidas can enhance its visibility and ensure that it aligns with the search queries of Japanese users. A well-optimized title contributes significantly to the app’s discoverability.


2. Utilizing all the allowed number of screenshots:

The number of screenshots allowed on the app store provides an opportunity to showcase key features, functionalities, and the overall user experience. Adidas should take advantage of the full quota of 10 screenshots to create a visually compelling narrative that encourages users to explore the app further. This visual storytelling can help in capturing the attention of potential users and can be a decisive factor in their decision to download the app.


3. Using meaningful keywords:

Meaningful keywords are essential for improving search rankings and ensuring that the app is surfaced in relevant user searches. Adidas should carefully choose keywords that not only describe the app accurately but also resonate with the language and preferences of the target audience in Japan. By incorporating localized keywords that reflect user intent, Adidas can increase its chances of appearing in search results and attracting users genuinely interested in its offerings.


4. Testing different keywords continuously, analyzing their impact on search rankings, and making adjustments accordingly:

ASO is an ongoing process, and the app market is dynamic. Adidas should adopt a proactive approach by continuously testing and analyzing different keywords. This involves monitoring the performance of selected keywords, understanding their impact on search rankings, and making adjustments based on the observed trends. Regular keyword optimization allows Adidas to stay relevant to evolving user behaviors and preferences, ensuring that the app maintains its visibility and ranking in the competitive app market.


In conclusion, the success of Adidas in the Japanese app market hinges on strategic choices in the title, effective use of screenshots, selection of meaningful keywords, and a dynamic approach to continuous testing and adjustment. By paying attention to these aspects, Adidas can strengthen its ASO strategy, improve its app’s discoverability, and ultimately enhance the user experience for its target audience.

ASO index is an ASO tool that provides you with rich insight and real-time market trends of app stores and aids you optimize your app through our kin analysis of keywords and various elements of the app market. You can get started for free here.
ASO Audit Report: adidas

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