ASO Audit: Airbnb Japan


The Airbnb app has achieved the 24th position among Travel category apps in the Japanese App Store. While this accomplishment is noteworthy, a closer examination of its App Store Optimization (ASO) metrics reveals opportunities for improvement. The ASO Score currently stands at 203 out of 300, with a Visibility score of 40 out of 100, indicating a considerable potential for enhancement in terms of app store visibility and ranking. This article aims to explore key areas where the Airbnb Japan app can refine its ASO strategy. In this specific ASO Audit, we will utilize the ASO tool, ASO index, to analyze the ASO standing of the Airbnb app and provide suggestions for improvement.

  • Visibility Score: 40/100
  • ASO Score: 203/300
  • Ranking: 26th on Travel Category

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